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Managed Print Services

Since our inception, Print Infinity Consulting Ltd. has been
​​​​​​​focused on quality products and services for its client.

We have been helping clients with their printer needs for more than 20 years. Whether it is Laser printers, Thermal printers, Plotters, Fax machines, Dot Matrix printers and MFP's The new breed of machine being found in the work place.

Print Infinity Consulting Ltd. Has been helping more and more clients to switch to Manged Print Fleet Services. This saves IT teams having to worry about their printers and focus more on their end users needs such as software and hardware related problems.


MPS provides you with managed print solutions that can cut both capital and operational expenses. Savings are typically as high as 40%.


Enjoy unparalleled service levels with proactive on-site printer maintenance. Our remote monitoring software enables us to fix problems before they occur.


We analyze your business, and create a custom-built solution to effectively and efficiently manage all your printing-related needs.


Supplier-managed inventories mean that you never run out of fresh toner.

What are the benefits?

  • Enjoy over 99% printer fleet uptime
  • Proactive on-site maintenance prevents printing problems before they arise
  • Reduction in overall printing and imaging related costs
    —up to 40%
  • Automatic replenishment of toner inventories so that you never run out of fresh toner.
  • Sophisticated cloud-based tracking and reporting software enables remote monitoring of the status of your entire fleet.
  • Only pay for what you print with a predetermined, predictable price for toner, on-site service and parts.
  • One simple invoice. Allocate cost by printer or department.

How does a MPS partnership enable you to reduce costs?

  • Print remains critical to virtually every enterprise. As your printing assets management experts, we ensure that your business enjoys the most efficient and effective print infrastructure possible. This allows you to focus on your core business.
  • Up to 15% of IT resources are used to support printing-related issues. Printing As A Service enables valuable IT resources to be redirected to higher priority initiatives.
  • Increase end-user satisfaction and productivity by minimizing printer downtime.
  • Leverage Print Infinity’s expert knowledge to optimize existing printing equipment usage and costs, as well as deploy new and emerging printing and imaging technologies to improve end-user productivity and effectiveness.
  • Print Infinity employs leading edge technology to save you money. That’s our job—we take it seriously.

Reduce Operational Costs and your environmental footprint

  • Print Infinity has been maximizing the life-expectancy of equipment by using long-lasting parts and consumables since 1993.
  • Our focus is on value over the long-term. We encourage purchase decisions that are based on your total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • We promote eco-friendly equipment and consumables when it makes good business sense. Let us show you what a difference sustainable practices can make to your bottom line.

Contact Print Infinity today to book a no-obligation on-site assessment of your entire printer fleet. Let our specialists demonstrate how MPS can help you meet your corporate goals.

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